Listed in Who’s Who in American Art, Joan Lok is among the top sumi-e artists in America creating the art of sumi-e, also known as Asian brush painting.  She has won numerous awards, including the Best of Show in an international joint exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America and Sumi-e Artists of Canada, the National Cherry Blossom Festival Art Competition in U.S., and the Kyoto Education Council Award from Japan.  READ MORE

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Contact: Joan Lok, P.O. Box 6271, Columbia, Maryland, 21045 USA, (410)730-7597  info@radiantbrush.com


New 2019-2020 workshop schedule here 

 Meet Joan at the Charm City Night Market on 9/21, and the Garden House Art Sales on 9/29.  See shows  

Joan Lok's "Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers" is now available.  Free autograph with order. here

New articles in Jumpstart on brushes and how to create different shades of grey.  Jumpstart


Joan Lok's Art Books

"Chinese Brush Painting: Flowers" $21.99

Ancient Spirit Modern Flair"  $28.95

Free autograph. Order here

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